Trends and progress in studying butterfly migration

Chowdhury, S., Zalucki, M. P., Amano, T., Poch, T. J., Lin, M.-M., Ohwaki, A., Lin, D.-L., Yang, L., Choi, S.-W., Jennions, M. & Fuller, R.A. (2022) Integrative Conservation.

This study reviewed studies on butterfly migration published in six languages (English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish), summarised how migration in butterflies has been studied, explored geographic and taxonomic patterns in the knowledge base, and outlined key future research directions.

We found that most English-language studies on butterfly migration (total English-language studies = 581) were from temperate or cooler regions, especially from the US and the UK, with far fewer from the sub/tropics, or the Southern Hemispher. However, by searching in four Asian languages and Spanish, we found another 345 relevant studies, mostly on species in North America (162 Spanish-language studies), but also in South America (44 in Spanish) and Europe (37 in Spanish), and Asia (99 studies in total: 59 in Japanese, 29 in Simplified Chinese, 11 in Traditional Chinese, and 1 in Spanish). This highlights the importance of including non-English studies in literature reviews.

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The number of butterfly migration studies by language from each continent.