A solution for breaking the language barrier

Khelifa, R., Amano, T. and Nuñez, M.A. (2021) Trends in Ecology & Evolution.

Language barriers have multiple consequences in science. On the one hand, non-native English speakers seirously struggle with language barriers, for example, when writing and publishing papers in English. On the other hand, language barriers can also impede the effective transfer of scientific knowledge, such as the global compilation of non-English-language knowledge and local application of English-language scientific knowldge. In this article, we propose a potential solution to these problems – developing and implementing a system on a preprint platform for facilitating the exchange of language skills among researchers (in the form of “peer language proofing” and “peer language translation”).

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The process and benefits of a peer language proofing (PLP) and peer language translation (PLT) system in preprint repositories. The list of benefits provided is not exhaustive.